seance photo grossesse famille

First of all, is an indoor family photoshoot right for your family?

I typically recommend an indoor family photoshoot for families who want to document daily life and find beauty in ordinary moments. Families that are happy embracing joyful and sweet moments but also the chaos that comes from raising young children.

For families who love that fine art, timeless look in their images, I recommend an indoor family photoshoot for families that live in a spacious house/apartment with a lot of natural light, decor with light tones, and white walls. While you can certainly have a beautiful family session in a home that offers different elements, like dark-tone walls and decor, your final images will not have that light and airy feel to them.

If you’re trying to decide between an indoor family photoshoot or an outdoor session, you can read more details about the differences in this blog post.

About a recent indoor family photoshoot

Here is a glimpse of a recent indoor family photoshoot in the heart of Toulouse, France. 

One of the reasons that I simply love being a family and baby photographer is having the opportunity to meet some amazing families from all over the world. Families I would not have had the chance to meet otherwise if it weren’t for my photography work. 

I met the mom, L., through the expat mom group in Toulouse, and we immediately hit it off. Like me, she also lived on the east coast in the US for her studies, and we are both expecting a baby with due dates 10 days apart. And we are giving birth at the very same clinic in Toulouse – Clinique Rive Gauche. Not to mention that we both have a toddler nearly the same age.

So, to say that I was really looking forward to this indoor family photoshoot is an understatement. Especially because the photoshoot was going to be a mix of a family and maternity in-home session with two children under the age of 6, which is my all-time favorite to photograph. 

This half-day family photo session started when the children were waking up. The early start gave me the perfect chance to document lots of moments of joy, parenthood, play, and those everyday routines that is so meaningful in in-home documentary family sessions. 

The girls had such fun personalities. And the best part is that they were pretty oblivious to the camera and just went on with their morning activities giving me plenty of honest moments to document. And the parents – wow! They were so loving, full of joy, and present. 

We also had a mini family portrait at the end of the session, which turned out to be one of my all-time favorites. Lots of goofy faces, toddler meltdowns, and pretty cool parents who didn’t really care about looking perfect. But instead, embraced the chaos with humor, joy, and lots of love towards their children. 

seance photo grossesse famille
seance photo grossesse famille

A little about your family and baby photographer

Hi, there! My name is Mariana. I am so thankful you are looking at my work on my website and blog. 

As a fine art maternity, baby, and family photographer, I specialize in families with young children. I am currently ranked the number one photographer in Toulouse, France, by the Photojournalist Family Association.

If you love my work, and you are looking for an English-speaker photographer in France, I would love for us to start planning your session.

Together, we will create a collection of fine art love-filled images through a stress-free experience. My approach to photography includes a mix of very natural posing and photojournalistic moments. This allows for an experience where your whole family feels comfortable and relaxed. So all you really have to do is to enjoy being with each other.

If you live in Toulouse, you can opt to have your session in the comfort of your own home. Also, at a beautiful park, open field, or even at my studio. For destination family sessions, I offer in-home and outdoor sessions. Because of my passion for traveling, I serve families worldwide, with regular trips to Paris, London, Marseille, Basel, and Zurich. I also love photographing in Dordogne and Pays-Basque. 

To see more of my family and baby photography work, I invite you to look through my portfolio. Or browse through curated gallery features from past sessions. I also invite you to learn more about what to expect from your session in the information page. Or contact me to have a chat. Simply click the links below.