fine art family photographer
mariana de albuquerque photography-mommy and me photoshoot

As a fine art family photographer, I love writing blogs that share my top favorite images from recent sessions to give you an idea of what type of images I’ll be making for you. 

Although there are so many moments that I enjoy capturing within a specific session and throughout all my sessions, there are usually some special moments that stand out to me. 

Choosing the right photographer for your family is something truly personal because you need to match your vision for your family session with the photographer’s unique style. And it is important that you love the whole work the photographer produces. Not only one specific element. 

As a fine art family photographer, I describe my work as timeless and emotive. 

Timeless is about the look (aesthetic) of my images: soft and luminous light, soft tones, ‘light & airy’ editing paired with film colors.

I am the only photographer in Toulouse who photographs with film, and one of the very few in the whole France. So, it is common for families who like this aesthetic to want to work with me.

Emotive is about the type of moments I typically capture, like love, togetherness, joy, playfulness, childhood quirkiness, goofy faces, daily life. I use a mix of natural posing with a photojournalistic approach to create a collection of images with a candid and genuine feel. 

This approach allows me to create for you a collection of one-of-a-kind images that are as unique as your family.

I love working with families who do not want Instagram-perfect images or those formal portraits of everyone smiling and looking into the camera. Instead, they want non-traditional images showing those authentic moments of connection. 

Here are my favorite images from recent sessions. I hope these images help you decide whether my photography style matches the vision you have for your next family photography session.