Are you planning a wedding in the South of France, but does not even know where to start looking for venues? Are you dreaming of celebrating your special day in a French wedding chateau? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you are in the right place! I wrote a list of wedding venues near Toulouse that might be just what you have been looking for.

I know that planning a wedding is overwhelming. But when planning a destination wedding, the whole process seems even more daunting. This is especially true when you don’t speak the local language.

So, I am here to help! I am an English-speaking photographer in Toulouse. Although I primarily specialize in family and baby photography, I do photograph an occasional wedding if it resonates with my style.

I love photographing weddings that are romantic, joyful, rustic, boho chic, vintage, or elegant yet relaxed. If any of these words resonate with how you envision your dream wedding, then keep on reading this post.

An overview of the wedding venues near Toulouse

I compiled a list of 10 beautiful wedding chateaux in the south of France to save you time in your search.

There are hundreds of stunning wedding venues in the south of France for you to choose from. Also, the south of France is a pretty extensive region. While the Provence and Cote d’Azur are among the most popular areas for destination weddings, they are also the most expensive.

The area surrounding Toulouse is a great option with many hidden treasures. Toulouse is a charming medieval city known for its amazing gastronomy, wine, and beautiful architecture. It also has a good-sized airport. This is an important feature when planning a wedding in which many guests will be coming from overseas.

List of wedding venue near Toulouse

The list below includes 10 wedding venues near Toulouse – anywhere between a 30- to 90-minute drive from the airport. The first five chateaux are my absolute favorites. But they are at a higher price point, with starting prices anywhere from €8,000 to €13,000. The second half also includes options that are worth looking into. Plus, they are more budget-friendly, with prices starting at as low as €1500.

Overall, these venues offer on-site accommodation and the infrastructure for a next-day brunch or barbecue. They normally require a minimum stay of 3 or more nights, as there is typically only one wedding per weekend. But it may vary from venue to venue. Each listing is presented with a short description. And you can find more detailed information when you click in the chateau’s name.

Let’s get started!

Chateau de Montpezat

This stunning, fairytale-like 16th-century chateau has an impressive 45-hectare park where you have plenty of possibilities of spots to choose from for your bride and groom photos and for an outdoor ceremony. The wedding dinner can be held in the courtyard or farmhouse, with no limit to the number of guests. This wedding chateau offers on-site accommodation for 20 guests in 7 suites, a heated pool, and wine and cheese tasting on the chateau’s own cellar. The Chateau de Montpezat is located at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains. This means there are plenty of options when it comes to things to do during your stay. This includes culinary day trips, hiking, canoeing, fishing, golfing, and even hot air balloon rides. English-speaking communication with the Chateau de Montpezat is offered through Chateau Bee Selection, a wedding venue-search service for English-speaking engaged couples who are planning a wedding in France. Their service is free.

Chateau Le Haut

This is another wedding chateau located at the foothills of the Pyrenees and recommended by the Chateau Bee Selection website. Dated back from the 17th century, the Chateau Le Haut gives you the option to have your ceremony either at a chapel near the chateau’s entrance or in the stunning park overseeing the Pyrenees. The wedding reception can take place outdoor under magical fairy lights, or at an indoor barn for up to 100 guests. On-site accommodation can host 24 guests distributed in 12 bedrooms. The chateau also offers a heated pool. There is a variety of things to do during your stay, such as hiking, golfing, visiting nearby villages, and skiing during the winter.

Chateau Lacour

The Chateau Lacour is situated at a 5-minute drive from the village of St Lizier. This charming little town is not only included in the UNESCO world heritage list but it is also known as one of the most beautiful villages in France. You can read more about the village here and here. The proximity to St Lizier offers you many amenities as well as the option of holding your ceremony in the village’s renowned, 11th-century cathedral.

For your reception, you have the option of hosting in the chateau’s lawn under fairy lights or a marquee for up to 150 guests. Chateau Lacour has a list of recommended caterers. On-site accommodation can host up to 28 guests in 12 suites and 1 apartment. The village can accommodate up to 150 guests at a discounted rate for weddings held at the Chateau Lacour. This wedding chateau has also been recommended by the Chateau Bee Selection website. Therefore English-speaking service is available.

Chateau de Caumont

This Renaissance chateau dates back to the 16th century and has a beautiful park of 50 hectares and views over the Pyrenees. It is a perfect venue for large weddings as it can serve up to 300-400 guests. This wedding chateau offers various options of where to hold your reception – the park, vaulted rooms, and the Court of Honor -, and it also has its own chapel. The Château de Caumont offers on-site accommodation for up to 10 guests in 5 bedrooms. It also offers English-speaking services. And it provides a list of recommended vendors to help you with your planning, while also giving you full autonomy in your choice of vendor and catering.  

The Medieval Chateau

This boutique chateau is a hidden gem perfect for a rustic, intimate, and relaxed wedding celebration for up to 120 guests. The ceremony can be held under the 17th-century Pigeonnier. While the cocktail can take place at the courtyard or garden bar, and the wedding dinner at long tables on the lawn. The wedding package includes all the basic needs, such as tables, chairs, tableware and linen, lighting, and sounding systems. The venue’s goal is to take the stress out of your planning. A list of recommended, English-speaking vendors is also available. But you are free to hire the vendors that you like, whether in-house or not. On-site accommodation can host up to 28 adults. English-speaking service is available through the French Wedding Venues website, where this wedding chateau is listed.

Chateau de Fajac

The Chateau de Fajac is the perfect wedding venue for those planning a more intimate rustic, boho chic wedding for up to 60 guests (winter) or 100 guests (summer). The ceremony and cocktails can be held outdoors on the lawn, and the wedding dinner can take place under a beautiful white marquee. This wedding chateau offers on-site accommodation to up to 30 guests and a list of local bed and breakfasts in the surroundings for additional guests.

Chateau des Varennes

The Château des Varennes is a lovely, budget-friendly wedding venue. It is ideal for small, intimate weddings and it can serve from 20 to 150 guests. It offers indoor and outdoor options to accommodate weather changes. This wedding chateau also includes a lovely library for bridal prep. It provides you a list of French-speaking trusted vendors but with the flexibility to choose your own vendors if preferred. On-site accommodation can host up to 12 guests or additional accommodation for up to 46 guests. The Chateau des Varennes is a highly rated wedding chateau in This is a great website for finding wedding vendors in France, including other wedding venues near Toulouse.

Chateau de Launac

The Chateau de Launac is another budget-friendly wedding venue that is also highly rated on The history of this wedding chateau dates from the 12th century. As such, it presents beautiful medieval architecture. It offers the option for an outdoor ceremony on the lawn or indoor in a beautiful historical room. The wedding dinner can be served under a beautiful white marquee for up to 150 guests. The on-site accommodation can host 15 guests, and it has an impressive honeymoon apartment of 238 m2. This wedding chateau gives you the freedom to choose your own vendors. It also gives you the option to bring your own wine and champagne without a surcharge.

Chateau de Saint Roch

The Chateau de Saint Roch is the ideal choice for couples planning a more classic wedding. This wedding chateau has beautiful architecture and surrounding greenery. It offers couples a large, traditional indoor dining area for up to 180 guests, while the cocktail can be held outdoors. Like other listings, it is highly rated in, and it gives you the flexibility to select your own vendors. It offers on-site accommodation for up to 14 guests.

Chateau de Pontie

Although this is the less expensive in this list of wedding venues near Toulouse, the Chateau de Pontie still offers a charming option. It has beautiful architecture and a front lawn. Small wedding receptions can be held indoors for up to 50 people, with three different rooms to choose from with varying capacities. Larger weddings for up 200 guests can be held outdoor under lovely, romantic fairy lights or a marquee. The Chateau de Pontie can accommodate over 10 people across its 5 bedrooms.

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