mariana de albuquerque studio newborn photography

If you’re trying to decide if a studio newborn photography session is right for you, this blog post will help you in your decision. A studio session can be a great option for expecting mothers who want to capture beautiful, timeless images of their growing belly and new baby.

Can studio newborn photography create natural and non-traditional photos?

When we think about a studio newborn photography session, the most common image that comes to mind (and shows up in Google search) is that traditionally-posed newborn baby in an odd position and with unnatural props.

But let me assure you: it is TOTALLY possible to have a studio newborn photography session that produces an image collection filled with natural and meaningful images!

Natural newborn photography is not about the location itself: home versus a studio. It is really about the approach your newborn photographer takes during your session.

Do you want images filled with connection, candid moments, and natural portraits of your little baby and your new family? Then your first priority is to find a newborn photographer who values this type of images.

You can read here: why I don’t pose newborn babies and how to choose the best newborn photographer for your family.

mariana de albuquerque studio newborn photography

Benefits when considering a studio newborn photography session


A studio session provides a consistent and reliable lighting this type of session tend to be short and sweet, letting you go back to your home life so you can enjoy your little baby.

Also, you don’t need to worry about getting your home ready for your session.

Consistent results

While it is possible to get consistently “clean” images in your home, a studio session does offer more consistent results. That’s simply because a studio lets your newborn photographer to control the light and background to meet her photography style.

Your newborn photographer cannot control the amount of natural light in your home, the color of your walls, and your home decor. While there are some tricks I use in family homes to capture images that are consistent with what you see in my portfolio, the results will naturally vary to some extent depending on what your home looks like.

Timeless images

With a focus on neutral tones and classic compositions, studio maternity, and newborn sessions can result in timeless and beautiful images that you will treasure for years to come.

If you love neutral tones like I do, but you live in a home that might not offer those colors, a studio newborn photography session might be a great option for you. During your studio session, I’ll use backdrops that are in neutral, soft tones to deliver images that are timeless and with a fine art aesthetic.

Access to studio wardrobe

While you can certainly borrow a dress from the studio wardrobe from an in-home session, during a studio session I’ll have a wider selection of dresses available for you to choose and try on (versus a session in your home).

Ultimately, the choice between an in-home or studio session will depend on your personal preferences and the style of photos you are looking for. Both types of sessions have their own unique benefits, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

In-home versus studio newborn photography: which one?

Are you trying to decide between an in-home and studio newborn photography session? Then, you can read more about the benefits of an in-home session in this blog post.

Still unsure if a studio newborn photography session is right for you?

Well, in this case, choose a newborn photographer that offers both in-home and studio newborn photography sessions. Like this, you can decide which location to choose based on your labor experience and how your postpartum period goes.

What to do next

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