I would like to tell you about how I use the images from your session in my photography business.

But before I go into details, I’d like to mention that I’m a very private person when it comes to sharing about my personal life, both in general and on social media. I’ve never been one to post images of myself or my family. 

I’d like for you to know privacy is a strong personal value of mine. And that I’ll apply this value to how I’ll approach the images from your session with me. 

Having said that, sharing my work with others is a vital part of my business. It is how families, like yours, can (1) find me and (2) decide on whether my style fits their vision for their photography session or not. 

Ok, let’s get started on the details.

Sharing from every single session:

From every family or baby session that I photograph, I select my favorite 10-15 images. Then I’ll share them in different ways. I’ll likely share images from your session in the following ways:

  • One blog post: 5-10 images
  • Instagram stories: 10-15 images (gone after 24h)
  • Social media post (Instagram & Facebook business page): 1-3 images
  • My website: 1-3 images

Please note that I like to keep my website fresh. So images posted on the homepage or portfolio won’t be there forever.

Sharing from very few sessions:

From a handful of sessions, I might share in the following ways:

Examples of images I share:

If you’d like to see the kinds of images I share, I invite you to look around:

Frequently asked questions:

Can you only share faceless images from my model call session?

While I LOVE faceless images, and I often capture them in most of my sessions, I cannot promise to limit my sharing to only faceless images. Sorry!

Do you share images that show child nudity?

Absolutely not! While I might take images during diaper change and bath time, these images are for the parents only. If you don’t want these images, then let me know during the booking process. And I’ll make sure to put my camera down during these moments.

I do share images of babies in diapers. If you prefer that I don’t share this type of image of your baby, I recommend dressing your baby in at least a body during your session. 

Do you use images from sessions to sell them, such as stock images?

No and I have no plans to do so.

Can you waive the requirement for sharing our images?

I’m happy to waive the sharing requirement with regards to Instagram only. If that’s the case, please let me know during the booking process that you don’t want your images shared on Instagram.

If you don’t want any of your images shared in any of the ways listed above, then I invite you to book a regular session with me (session fee 195€). The option to waive the model release is available upon request for regular sessions – which is one of the reasons I need model call sessions. 🙂

Have any other questions? Please email me at hello@marianadealbuquerque.com