mariana de albuquerque photographer in paris
mariana de albuquerque photographer in paris

Are you searching for an English-speaking photographer in Paris for a family photoshoot? If you have little ones and are searching for someone specialized in young children, I wrote this post for you!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this sweet mom and her two young children for an indoor photo session.

The most common concern parents with young children have is that their children might not “cooperate” during their family photography session. As a mom of two, I completely understand this concern. My toddler typically doesn’t want to stand still during family portraits. And my baby is only engaged, shining his usual friendly smiles, when he is well rested and fed.

So, when searching for a great photographer in Paris to capture your young children, it is important to find out how they approach the session and how they will prepare your family for it.

Over the many years that I have photographed little ones, my number one secret to ensuring a successful session with a toddler or preschooler is to follow a child-led approach.

What does that look like, you might ask?! Well, I’ll observe your child’s interests and mood, and let that be my guide – not a shot list. As the session progresses, I’ll take a step back more and more, and let you enjoy your family with minimum (or no) interference. This freedom to let you your child simply “be” allows his personality to shine through.

As for babies – my little secret rests on a well-rested baby! It is always best to time the session starting time to your baby’s nap schedule. That is, to start your session right after she or he wakes up from the nap. This is when your baby will be most cheerful and engaging. Indoor baby photo sessions offer the most flexibility and can be timed according to your baby’s nap.

As a photographer in Paris, scheduling outdoor sessions involve more of a ‘dance’. Because they require some level of flexibility from families. We need to find the right balance between your baby’s nap time and when the light is the most beautiful. Plus the temperature is fresh and pleasant (for summer sessions). I typically offer a few different options of starting times so parents can choose what would be the best fit for their baby’s unique nap schedule. However, some adjusting to your baby’s nap might still be needed to fit the session’s starting time.

But ultimately, when picking a location and starting time, parents will have different options to choose from so the experience can be pleasant and stress-free. So we can create beautiful images together.

About your family and baby photographer

Hi, there! My name is Mariana. I am so thankful you are looking at my work on my website and blog. 

As a fine art maternity, baby, and family photographer, I specialize in families with young children. I am currently ranked the number one photographer in Toulouse, France, by the Photojournalist Family Association.

If you love my work, and you are looking for an English-speaker photographer in France, I would love for us to start planning your session.

Together, we will create a collection of fine art love-filled images through a stress-free experience. My approach to photography includes a mix of very natural posing and photojournalistic moments. This allows for an experience where your whole family feels comfortable and relaxed. So all you really have to do is to enjoy being with each other.

If you live in Toulouse, you can opt to have your session in the comfort of your own home. Also, at a beautiful park, open field, or even at my studio. For destination family sessions, I offer in-home and outdoor sessions. Because of my passion for traveling, I serve families worldwide, with regular trips to Paris, London, Marseille, Basel, and Zurich. I also love photographing in Dordogne and Pays-Basque. 

To see more of my family and baby photography work, I invite you to look through my portfolio. Or browse through curated gallery features from past sessions. I also invite you to learn more about what to expect from your session in the information page. Or contact me to have a chat. Simply click the links below.