mariana de albuquerque photography-mommy and me photoshoot
mommy and me photoshoot

I spent such a lovely afternoon with K. and her adorable daughters. During in-home mommy and me photoshoot, this lovely trio spent most of their time playing, in addition to a mini portrait time. 

While outdoor baby photo sessions are really beautiful, I find that an in-home mommy and me photoshoot offers two great advantages for families with young children that still nap twice or more in a day. 

One advantage is the flexibility: we can work around your children’s nap time. There is no need to adjust your child’s nap to make it to the session in time. This flexibility can relieve some of the pressure that sleep-deprived parents might welcome!

Due to the more documentary nature of in-home photoshoots, we simply let your children’s natural daily routine be our guide. 

The other advantage of in-home sessions with small children is that home is where they feel the most comfortable. And this will give us the most authentic moments of joy and connection – the signature feeling of my work. 

During this particular mommy and me photoshoot, the eldest didn’t want to follow my instructions when I was doing their portraits. 

Me: “Can you look at mom?”

Her: “No.”

Me: “Can you kiss her sister for me?”

Her: “No.”

Me: “Do you want to go behind mom and give her a big hug?”

Her: “No.”

Me: Laughing inside

This is such a common “challenge” when photographing toddlers and preschoolers. They typically don’t want to stand still and smile for the camera. Nor they want to follow instructions! This can be particularly true among toddlers who are going through the ‘no phase’, like my 2-year-old boy. Saying no is so much fun!

Because of my years of academic training in early childhood development, I am all about following a child-led approach during my sessions. So, if your toddler doesn’t want to follow my directions, it is TOTALLY OKAY! 

It is a normal part of their development to say no! It is a great sign of their growing independence and confidence. 

So, during my mommy and me photoshoots with young children, there is no pressure to have your child behave in a certain way for that perfect Instagram photo. Instead, I create an environment that allows your child to be free to express herself as she wants. 

Like during this session. After trying a few tricks here and there to get some portraits of the eldest with her mom and baby sister, we quickly moved into playing with blocks, books, bubbles, and other fun activities. 

At the end of the session, the little girl had so much fun that she was already asking us when we would be doing another photoshoot! 

mommy and me photoshoot
mommy and me photoshoot

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