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Hi there! You’ve probably found me because you’re searching for a maternity photographer to document this precious stage of your life.

If your vision is for your photographer to create images that are timeless, candid, and filled with love, you’re in the right place!

Each maternity photographer has his or her own way of working, including the logistical planning before the session as well as the photography approach during the actual session.

I would love to share with you a little bit about the experience of working with me. And that might help to inform your search for your ideal maternity photographer.

When to schedule a maternity photoshoot

This is the most commonly asked question! 

The goal is to have your session when you have a nice, round belly to show in your images. But at the same time, a stage when you don’t feel too uncomfortable during your session. 

And this varies greatly from woman to woman.

Typically, for most women, weeks 28-34 of gestation are the ideal. But this is just a general rule of thumb that can easily be adapted to your unique situation.

For instance, I did a series of self-portraits in my home on my first son’s due date as a way to celebrate the day, and not feel so anxious about it. I love those images the most as compared to another outdoor maternity photoshoot we did earlier. Because these images now always remind me of all the excitement and anticipation we were feeling on that special day. For my second son, I wanted to do the same. But he arrived exactly on his due date!

Possible locations for your maternity photoshoot

mariana de albuquerque_maternity photographer

Studio maternity photoshoot

As a maternity photographer I offer a studio sessions but these are currently only available in Toulouse, France. 

This option is ideal if you love a clean, neutral aesthetic to your images but you live in a home that is dark and/or has colored walls where the results would not be the same. The simple backdrop and elements I use during the session allow for the focus in each image to be entirely on your baby and your family’s connection.

Also, I recommend a studio maternity photoshoot if you plan to have a studio newborn session as well. Like this, you feel acquainted with the space. And this will help you feel more comfortable in the newborn session as you will know what to expect. 

mariana de albuquerque_maternity photographer

Outdoor maternity photoshoot

Another great option for a maternity photo session is outdoors at a park or open field. You can choose your preferred option from my list of curated locations – places with beautiful light and that photograph really well. 

I typically recommend an outdoor maternity photo session for parents who already have other children. Little ones typically love outdoor areas as they get to run and move a lot during the session, which keeps them more engaged and having fun. 

However, because of the unpredictable weather from November to March, an outdoor maternity photoshoot is best during the spring , summer and early fall when the temperature is warm and you can enjoy the beautiful sun of the south of France.

mariana de albuquerque_maternity photographer

In-home maternity photoshoot 

You can also opt for a maternity session in your home. This location also works really well for parents who already have other children as they tend to feel the most comfortable at home. 

An in-home maternity photoshoot is ideal if you want a mix of lifestyle and documentary images that document everyday life before the arrival of your baby. But this option works best if you have a home with abundant natural light and neutral-colored decor and walls. 

The one downside of having an in-home session is if you feel uneasy with the prospect of having to tidy up your home when you are also getting ready to welcome your baby and caring for your other children. 

But please rest assured that you don’t need to worry. I always expect a level of chaos during in-home sessions (or any family session for that matter). Because I know from my personal experience that when you have young children, there will be a certain level of chaos, like toys in odd places, piles of laundry to be folded (or washed!), etc. 

I’ll guide you through what you need to do to ensure your home is ready for the session during the planning phase. But rest assured that I recommend very small adjustments.

What to wear to your maternity photoshoot

The outfit choice is particularly important for a maternity photoshoot. A dress is definitely my preferred recommendation so you can show your bump in a way that is feminine and delicate. 

I know from experience that shopping for bump-friendly dresses that photograph well can be rather challenging! For this reason, you will have the option to borrow a beautiful dress from my studio wardrobe. I offer brands with that boho, feminine, and romantic look because they complement my photography style super well.

Also, you will have exclusive access to a detailed styling guide with all the information you need to choose the right outfit. The guide also includes a curated list of my favorite clothing brands for all family members. Lastly, your session fee includes a video consultation to help you coordinate outfits for your family through an easy process.

Pricing information

This season of your life and those early days and months with your baby will go by really fast. Especially because the first year of life is marked by so much change. These little people go from the sleep-cry-feed-pee-poo cycle to crawling, smiling, babbling, self-feeding, stacking blocks, and walking. But above all – filling your life with so much joy, love, and playfulness. 

For this reason, as a maternity photographer, I approach this type of session as part of the bigger story. Being pregnant is an important part of this season of your life. But it is even more meaningful if combined with the main event – the birth of your sweet little baby and all the changes that will follow. 

So, I offer families the option of The First Year Membership, which includes multiple sessions that tell the story of your baby’s life from pregnancy to the end of the first year: maternity, newborn, six months, and one year. 

Or, you can opt to have one regular session. The session fee is 195€ and does not include images or products.

For detailed pricing information, please send me a message here

About your maternity photographer

The basics

I’m Mariana, a destination family and maternity photographer in France. I love to travel! As such, I serve many cities, including but not limited to Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Sarlat (Dordogne), Basel, Zurich, and London. 

I believe that family is everything, and that babies and children are perfect just the way they are. And there is absolutely no need for unnatural posing or props. I also believe that family photos should be meaningful, with real memories attached to them. 

As a fine art maternity, baby, and maternity photographer, I specialize in working with families with babies and young children. My main goal is to create a collection of love-filled and timeless images through a very relaxing experience.

You can see more of my work here, or you can keep on reading to see some featured images and learn about what to expect from the experience when working together.

The ideal family

Before you choose your maternity photographer, it is very important to ensure that you and the photographer are a great fit – like strawberry and chocolate!

I will be honest – my sessions are not for everyone.

My work might not be a good fit if: you want all images to be traditional, posed everyone-smiling-looking-into-the-camera type of photos. If you expect your children to behave “well”. And if you feel uncomfortable letting go of expectations or showing those true, raw emotions. 

My sessions are up close and personal. They are ideal for families who value connection over perfection. And want to document the current stage of their family life in a way that feels genuine and natural. 

What to do next

If you feel ready to reserve your session or would like to meet me to discuss your vision, please visit the contact page to learn the different ways to reach out. 

If you’d like to see more of my work, I invite you to browse around my website to learn more about my style and get the feel of my images.