mariana de albuquerque indoor newborn family photos
mariana de albuquerque indoor newborn family photos

A newborn photo session is a very special time for parents. So choosing between an indoor newborn family photos or studio newborn photography can be a difficult decision. Whereas most newborn photographers in Paris (or other cities) offer studio sessions, an in-home session is a great alternative to studio session.

While both types of sessions have their pros and cons, the right option will depend on your own individual needs. 

In this blog post, I’ll share with you the main benefits of indoor newborn family photos in the comfort of your own home.

The benefits of indoor newborn family photos

It is relaxing

The main benefit of an in-home newborn photography session is that it can be more relaxed, safe, and comfortable for you as a parent and for your baby. 

Indoor newborn family photos tend to offer a more personal and intimate atmosphere that no studio or outdoor location can fully replicate. 

The familiar surroundings of your home will allow your family, especially toddlers, to feel more at ease and confident. Resulting in images that are more candid and filled with emotions than studio newborn photography.

It captures this stage of your life as it is 

An in-home newborn photography session allow the photographer to capture the baby in their personal space, which can add a special touch to your images and make them feel more meaningful than a studio setup.

In-home sessions allow the newborn photographer to use your family’s personal items, such as blankets, toys, your home, and furniture, as natural props. This can add a personal touch to your images and make them more meaningful.

It gives you the option to have a mix of portraits and documentary images

Indoor newborn family photos allow us to have both portraits and documentary images in your final gallery if that’s something you’d like to have.

Following your portraits, we can document some everyday routines, like baths, diaper changes, feeding, and family breakfast. 

When I say “documentary”, I simply mean that there is no direction from me of where or how to stand (=pose). I just follow you around so you can do your regular routine, while I capture those authentic moments as they naturally unfold. 

These images can be very meaningful because they will show what your life truly looks and feels like during this short stage of your baby is a little newborn. 

Comfort and reassurance for young siblings 

An in-home newborn session can be particularly suitable for parents who already have a toddler. The first few weeks of adjusting to a new sibling can be emotional and challenging for the eldest children. 

Your home is where your child will feel the safest and most confident. So, if you expect your toddler to struggle with the transition to being a big brother or big sister, an in-home session might be a great fit for you. 

I’ve developed a posing workflow that is meant to be very efficient, so I can capture a great number of beautiful images in a short period. I’ve developed my workflow with dads and toddlers in mind. Therefore, once we are finished with the images that include your toddler, he or she is free to go play in the comfort and security of her home. 

If you’d like to learn more how to prepare your older child for a newborn session, you can read more about it in this blog post.

Convenience and flexibility

The first few days and weeks with a newborn baby can be challenging due to common issues such as sleep deprivation, recovering from labor, and breastfeeding struggles. Having the newborn session in your home eliminates the need to travel and can be more convenient for you as the parent of a new baby. 

Therefore, having an experienced photographer come into your home ensures less disruption for both you and your baby. 

An in-home newborn session also offers more flexibility than a studio session. There is less time “pressure” as you don’t need to go anywhere after your session. Plus, I only do one in-home session on a given day. So we can follow your baby’s needs, such as feeding, and diaper change, and adjust the session accordingly.  

The main disadvantage of indoor newborn family photos

For families who want those clean and minimalist newborn images with a plain background, you might not get exactly what you envision depending on what your home decor looks like. 

The main benefit of a newborn studio session is complete control of what the background (and light) looks like. Families who opt for a studio session typically love that minimalist look. That is the whole family in front of a background in a solid color, typically white. 

In-home newborn photography is about capturing your little baby within your home environment. As such, your final collection will include images that might have a “busy” background, like furniture, wall art, or even clutter, showing in the back. 

I LOVE minimal, simple, and clean images. So, I will try as much as I can to create these timeless images no matter where I’m photographing them. Because I do know composition techniques to get as much of that busyness out of your images. But some homes are definitely easier to achieve than others depending on their home decor. 

Here is a simple way to decide between studio vs. in-home newborn photography

  • Do you want ALL of your images to have that minimal setup (your family in front of a white wall)? Then a newborn studio session is a better fit for you than in home newborn photography. 

  • Do you want just SOME “minimalist-looking images” paired with images that show your home? Then here is my solution for you: I can simply do a small studio set up in your home with a lovely fabric backdrop and a small backdrop stand. Like this, you get the best of both worlds: in home images AND studio images. All in the comfort of your home. 

Common concerns about indoor newborn family photos at your home

Do you really need to clean and tidy up your home?

Many families feel like they need to have their home looking spotless for a photoshoot. And that becomes a source of stress, especially after right having a baby. The last thing you want to do is to clean your home!

Let me assure you that you don’t need to worry about that at all. I have two little children. So I’m used to a great level of home chaos! As much as love my home to look clean and organized, I’ve learned the harsh reality that is not really possible with young children. 

So, all I’ll ask you is for you to put away clutter in the main rooms we will be photographing, typically the parents’ bedroom, the nursery, and any other spot in your home with beautiful light or clean background (=white wall!). 

And, if you actually want the “chaos” documented in your images as a way to preserve the memory of what this stage in your life feels and looks like right now, you can just leave everything as it is! I’ll work my way around it.

What if your home is dark?

A lot of families want in home newborn photography. But they are concerned about how dark their homes are, especially during those overcast, gloomy days. 

If you love the luminous and “light & airy” aesthetic of my images, I have great news! It is totally possible to get these results in a dark home! Yes! 

During the planning phase of your in home newborn photography session, you’ll receive exclusive access to a Welcome Guide. This guide you walk you through ALL the details you need to know for a successful newborn session. There, I’ll share with you all the secrets I’ve learned over the years on how we can create that luminous look in your images, even if your home is dark! 

Plus, you also get a pre-session video call with me when we can chat about your concerns and ways to alleviate them. 


Ultimately, the choice between indoor newborn family photos or studio session will depend on your personal preferences and the style of photos you are looking for. Both types of sessions have their own unique benefits, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

What to do next

If you feel ready to hire me as your newborn photographer, or would like to meet me to discuss your vision, please visit the contact page to learn the different ways to reach out. 

If you’d like to see more of my work, I invite you to browse around my website to learn more about my style and get the feel of my images.