mariana de albuquerque in home family photography

Are you interested in learning more an in home family photography session?

If so, then this blog post is for you! I’ll share some of the practical details about what to expect from from an in-home family photography session. Then, I’ll share a sneak peek into a session I did in the summer of 2022 in the south of France.

If you’re debating between an in home family photography session vs. an outdoor photoshoot, you can read this blog post here. It describes the difference between the two to help you choose the best fit for you.

An in home family photography session: what to expect

Ideal family

In-home sessions are ideal for families who want to document daily life and find beauty in ordinary moments. Those that are happy embrace joyful and sweet moments but also the chaos that comes from raising young children.

Sessions in your home are also ideal if you live in a spacious house/apartment with a lot of natural light, decor with light tones, and white walls. While we can certainly photograph in a small and dark apartment, the tones of the image might be a bit darker than what you see in my work.

Lastly, an in home family photography session is also ideal for families that prefer not to alter regular family routines (nap schedule, mealtime) to meet at a specific time and place for an outdoor photo session. Time flexibility and a laid-back experience is their ultimate goal.

The advantages

  • Flexibility: In-home sessions are more flexible in terms of starting time and overall session flow. Because we can work around your children’s nap and family’s typical routine. In contrast, outdoor sessions are typically scheduled taking the sunset time into consideration.
  • Home is where children feel most comfortable: children feel happiest at an environment that is familiar to them – your home! So, it is more likely that we will get to capture those genuine smiles and authentic personalities.
  • Meaningful: an in-home session allows us to capture those precious milestones you will want to remember, like first solids, favorite games, the nursery, bath time, waking up from a nap, etc.

My own approach

During all my sessions, I like to mix natural posing and real moments with no interference using a documentary approach.

The main difference between an in-home vs. outdoor session is the amount of guidance I’ll provide.

I approach in-home sessions predominantly with a more documentary approach. Meaning that I refrain from giving direction (= posing) during most of the session. I like to work around moments as they naturally occur for a more a more laid-back and authentic experience that reflects your everyday family life. 

Most families I serve love natural portraits in addition to documentary moments. So, in-home sessions also include an optional family portrait for about 10-20 min in one location with beautiful light and clean background, like the family bed or your garden.

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A sample of a summer in home photography session

mariana de albuquerque in home family photography

This was such a fun in home family photography session. I truly loved capturing this family on a lazy Sunday morning in the South of France. The mom A. is such a super mom! I just loved watching (and capturing) those genuine moments of motherhood between her and her two children.

I also loved how the parents were so cool about their kids doing silly faces during portrait time. It is my favorite type of family. They are truly comfortable being themselves in front of my lens. No expectations to behave in a certain way. No pressure to look and smile. Instead, it is all about having fun and connecting to each other in their own family bubble, while I document it.

This was a super laid back family photoshoot. The session included a mix of moments when the kids were simply watching their favorite TV show, their typical family breakfast with croissants in the garden (it was a hot summer day!), the family hanging out, followed by lifestyle family portraits.

I simply followed them around, let them do their thing, while I captured moments as they naturally unfolded.

mariana de albuquerque in home family photography

About your family and baby photographer

Hi, there! My name is Mariana. I am so thankful you are looking at my work on my website and blog. 

As a fine art maternity, baby, and family photographer, I specialize in families with young children. I am currently ranked the number one photographer in Toulouse, France, by the Photojournalist Family Association.

If you love my work, and you are looking for an English-speaker photographer in France, I would love for us to start planning your session.

Together, we will create a collection of fine art love-filled images through a stress-free experience. My approach to photography includes a mix of very natural posing and photojournalistic moments. This allows for an experience where your whole family feels comfortable and relaxed. So all you really have to do is to enjoy being with each other.

If you live in Toulouse, you can opt to have your session in the comfort of your own home. Also, at a beautiful park, open field, or even at my studio. For destination family sessions, I offer in-home and outdoor sessions. Because of my passion for traveling, I serve families worldwide, with regular trips to Paris, London, Marseille, Basel, and Zurich. I also love photographing in Dordogne and Pays-Basque. 

To see more of my family and baby photography work, I invite you to look through my portfolio. Or browse through curated gallery features from past sessions. I also invite you to learn more about what to expect from your session in the information page. Or contact me to have a chat. Simply click the links below.