mariana de albuquerque family photographer
mariana de albuquerque family photographer

When searching for a family photographer to capture images of your family, there are so many great to choose from when you are searching for someone to capture images of your family.

I know that it can be overwhelming to find that perfect fit. With the hope of helping you on your search, I compiled a list of talented family photographers from different locations. These are photographers with different styles, skill levels, pricing, and experience to give you enough options. 

A few helpful tips when searching for the best family photographer to meet your vision:

  • First decide what style of photography you like: formal posing, lifestyle posing, or completely unposed? Light tones (aka, light and airy), dark and moody, earthy (desaturated), or orange/warm tones (at the golden light in sunset hour)?

  • Look through their portfolio: do they showcase a variety of families? Is the posing flattering? Are the lines in the images straight (crooked lines are the number 1 way to spot an unexperienced photographer)?

  • Do you like the overall “feel” of the images, like joyful, delicate, love-filled, editorial, somber, vibrant/loud, humorous, laid-back, refined, etc.?

With these tips in mind, I invite you to browse through the websites below and discover the work of so many talented family photographers.

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