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Elevate Your Family Photos Blueprint

A step-by-step guide to elevating the photos you’re already taking

Join today my brand new self-paced photography program for moms designed to empower you to make timeless photos of your family.

Elevate the aesthetics of your images through an easy-to-follow blueprint that reveals insider secrets to making beautiful photographs with confidence and ease.


Because they are only little once…

The first 2 years of your child’s life are full of precious, fleeting moments. It all goes by SO fast!

So many moms say things like…

“I only wish I had access to this resource before our first baby was born.”

“I grieve over the fact that I didn’t have this knowledge when my own babies were new & squishy.”

“Babyhood, much to my sorrow, is all too fleeting.”

That’s why I created this program. To teach you my EXACT process as an award-winning photographer and mom to tell the story of your family through timeless and beautiful images.


This self-paced course is perfect for your…

  • You are the official memory keeper in your family, constantly taking snapshots. But your images don’t look anything like professional images
  • The words timeless, soft, and natural speak to you
  • You’re expecting a baby (1st, 2nd, 3rd…)
  • You’re a busy or sleep-deprived mom who wants a simple and quick step-by-step process to taking beautiful photos of your young children

The Transformation Waiting for Your…

You will really be amazed at how quickly you’ll progress from “average” to “WOW, did I take that?”

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You’re an expecting mom wanting to document your pregnancy and baby’s first year but you have no idea how to take beautiful photos
  • You feel frustrated with the photos I take of your baby as they don’t look beautiful
  • Sometimes you look an image and wonder: how did she create this?!
  • You’re unable to pinpoint and *see* what elements are missing in your photos
  • You’re sleep deprived and don’t have a lot of bandwidth at the moment

Why not instead…

Transform your photography journey

Elevate: Your Step-by-Step Blueprint

What kind of short-term results can you expect from this brand new course?

  • Go from taking snapshots to consistently making timeless photos of your family
  • Explore new tips and tricks that will make photographing your children so much easier and enjoyable than before
  • Immediately use what you learn to elevate your everyday photography
  • Feel excited and inspired to make beautiful images that bring you joy
  • Discover a therapeutic creative outlet you can pursue while being present with your children

My purpose is to teach busy moms with babies & young children…

How to make TIMELESS images.

So that they can transform their family’s everyday stories



My worked has been published in international blogs and magazines, such as The Motherhood Anthology and Heartful Magazine

I’m an award-winning photographer voted the best family photographer in Toulouse, France in 2022

I have 7 years of graduate training (master’s and PhD level) in education and early childhood development from Harvard, Paris, and Oxford universities

Before becoming a mom, I designed educational programs and evaluations at the World Bank, IADB, and Save the Children = I know how to teach 🙂

I’m an expat, boy mama of two little ones, happily married to my best friend, tea lover, Downton Abby fan, currently living in the south of France

In this self-paced course, I will reveal THE 3 key secrets of how I achieve my signature style

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll during this limited-time period:

4 Core Training Modules with Bite-Sized Lessons

My exact step-by-step blueprint in bite-sized lessons for creating timeless images with consistency and confidence so you can easily make photographs that you love

Weekly Prompts + 2 Photo Assignments

Prompts and assignments to help you practice what you’ve learned in your lessons so you can immediately exit STUDY mode and enter into ACTION mode

Feedback on Photo Assignments

Optional in-depth, yet gentle and encouraging feedback on your images from me to help you grow and learn to *see* what needs to be improved

Weekly Office Hours Message Support

1:1 support via Voxer 1x per week, so you can ask me anything. This isn’t a group chat – it is your chance to get personalized feedback and answers to your questions.












Discover what elements make images to look timeless and natural




Learn what colors elevate your images to easily recreate the fine art look




Discover the basics of light, and what types of light to look for when photographing




Explore the basics of composition and how to create strong images

Some extra details about your course:

  • Immediate access to Module 1. Modules are released weekly
  • Written lessons filled with visual examples
  • 6-month access to your student portal + PDFs of all lessons available for download
  • Ongoing access so you can learn at your own pace and revisit the course as your skills grow
  • Convenient course access via the Kajabi mobile app

Ready to fast-track your way to creating timeless images?

IT’S your TIME!


Just 37€

  • 4 Training modules released weekly
  • Prompts and photo assignments
  • In-depth, gentle feedback on images
  • 4 Weekly office hours message support
  • 3 bonuses worth over 400€


Will this work for you?

What if you don’t do anything with the materials, you don’t learn anything new, or you change your mind after your purchase? In this case, you just take advantage of my 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. All you need to do is to send me an email, and I will get you a 100% refund right away. No hard feelings. And no exceptions. 

You have a whole 14 days from the start of the program to see if this program is right for you. If you decide it isn’t, just let me know and I will gladly refund your money!

So, if the only thing holding you back from investing in mastering photography through the Elevate Your Family Photos Blueprint is that fear of “Will this work for me?”, I encourage you to take advantage of my 14-day money-back guarantee. And give this self-paced course a try!

Because the Elevate Your Family Photos Blueprint is a smart, safe, and worthwhile investment.

When you say YES today, you will unlock these free


297€ VALUE

BONUS 1: Exclusive Preset Pack + Lightroom Classic Tutorial 

Elevate your editing through a powerful collection of 3 presets (2 color + 1 black & white) for Lightroom Classic with a few clicks. To save you time, and make your images look professional. This bonus ALONE is worth SO much more the cost of this course.


BONUS 2: What to Wear Guide

This invaluable resource provides expert advice and practical tips on selecting the perfect outfits for family photoshoots. From brand recommendations to color coordination strategies, this bonus covers it all. Discover the best colors and styles for moms, dads, children, and even babies.


BONUS 3: Effortless Practice Guide

This guide is jam-packed with tips to help busy moms integrate photography practice into their everyday routine. So you can practice what you learn throughout this course program and refine your skills without feeling overwhelmed.

What you’ll learn inside

The Elevate Your Family Photos Blueprint:

  • The Elevate step-by-step blueprint for quick reference (197€ Value)
  • What colors to choose that immediately elevate your family photos (197€ Value)
  • My 3 go-to easy types of light for dreamy family photos (197€ Value)
  • Simple composition tricks that make your photos look professional (197€ Value)
  • BONUS 1: My #1 editing strategy to clean, true-to-life colors in a few seconds (literarily!) (297€ Value)
  • BONUS 2: What outfits to wear, including colors, brands, and coordinating tips (97€ Value)
  • BONUS 3: A how-to guide to effortless integrate photography in your busy everyday life (97€ Value)




This is a special launch price available for a limited time. This price will not be available again once the launch period ends!

Frequently Asked Questions

The program itself is made up of four training modules organized in bite-sized lessons. You have 6 months to access them via your student portal. All the resources also come in PDF, including bonuses, so you can download and have lifetime access offline. I recommend setting aside about 1h to go through the lessons (in one sitting. or across small study sessions). Then, you will need short practice sessions of 5-15 minutes to complete prompts assignments.

If limited time is a big concern to you, you will love the bonus Effortless Practice Guide, where you learn tips to help busy moms just YOU integrate photography practice into their everyday routine. So you can practice what you learn throughout this course program and refine your skills without feeling overwhelmed.

I’m a busy (and sleep-deprived) mom with two young children. My toddler is at home with me full-time, and my eldest goes to preschool only in the mornings. I also work! Like you, I have very little time and energy. But photography has the power to energize and inspire! If I can make it, so can you! 🙂

This course will be priced at 297€ once the launch period ends. I regularly create self-paced courses and launch them for an accessible price before raising the price to its regular investment fee. This will be the only period this self-course will be priced this low.

This special offer will last for a short period of time – until I reach the capacity of how many people I can help at this rate.

I’ve taken MANY photography courses over the years. I designed this program to check all the boxes of the learning experiences I wished I had when I first started learning photography. Like other courses, this program offers lessons presented in PDF and video, and assignments.

But, UNLIKE other courses, this program:

  • Provides feedback on your images directly from ME (not an assistant) for personalized accountability
  • Offers INDIVIDUAL support through text office hours. Sharing your images for feedback and asking questions is a vulnerable process. I want you to feel safe when asking for help and receive kind and gentle 1:1 support
  • Teaches moms how to create ONE type of aesthetic (=timeless and natural) versus a generic photography style. So you can confidently create images that resonate with your personal taste and vision
  • Is designed for expecting moms and moms with babies, so moms can connect with others who are in a similar stage in their lives to share help and tailored tricks and tips that work
  • Provides a preset pack, the same one I use to edit my images. To help you save money and time trying to figure out what editing tools to use. And edit an image in seconds

My photography style is all about getting beautiful photos straight out of the camera to save me time. My editing is super fast, easy, and I only use it to enhance an image that is already beautiful – what I’ll teach you inside your course.

My go-to software for editing is Lightroom Classic, which costs only 11,99€ per month. And you can try it during 7 days for free! I highly recommend using an editing software because it will help you achieve the professional look. Your investment comes with a preset pack that will give you clean, true-to-life colors in a few seconds! This bonus ALONE is worth SO much more the cost of this course.

As long as you follow the steps I’ll teach you in this course, you can achieve this result in just a few clicks (editing < 1 minute):

A personal copy of the workshop materials, including PDFs, will be available for download so it will be yours to keep indefinitely. You will have access to your student portal for 6 months after purchase.

You can get very similar results to the images you see on this page with your phone! During your course, you will learn the step-by-step process of how to make timeless images with any camera.

To make beautiful images, it is not about the gear you own, but your use of color, light, and composition. If all you want is to make beautiful images with your phone camera, then you can achieve this transformation without purchasing any additional gear.

And if you want to pursue photography as a hobby (or to photograph professionally), then I recommend for you to invest in a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Because these cameras will allow you to push your photography skills to the next level. If your budget is limited, you can purchase a used entry-level Nikon or Camera. I can help you find the best equipment to fit your budget during our support sessions.



Limited-time launch offer: 297€ 37€